Friday, 14 March 2014

Fighting fund appeal in the battle for Dalston Lane!

Since 2005 Hackney has clearly committed to the conservation of Dalston Terrace with detailed policy and guidance to ensure the protection of the buildings and preservation the conservation area. But they have now granted planning permission for the demolition of the surviving historic buildings at 48-76 Dalston Lane.
Hackney have ignored their own policies in the interest of a smooth ride with their developer partner, Murphy, who are set up on site and will commence the destruction any day: demolition is not just cheaper, easier and quicker but falls within the skill set of a firm whose motto is "breathing life into infrastructure” but sadly not, it appears, Georgian buildings.

Hackney said its' own neglect of the houses meant that their condition now makes them beyond repair. But it chose to ignore the advice of its own , and an independent, expert conservation engineer.

OPEN members were powerful in their objections to the planning application but even 785 objections were not enough to swing the 4:4 vote towards refusal. OPEN is urgently obtaining specialist advice on the prospects of a successful legal challenge and need to move fast to optimise the chances. But the legal costs will need to be met: this is an appeal to OPEN supporters for donations to the fighting fund.

Please make bank transfers to:
OPEN Dalston
Barclays Bank
Sort code: 20-46-57
Account 33274659

Donations of £250 or greater will be refunded in the case of an excess of funds; but it is the many donations of £10 that will make all the difference.

Please contribute to the battle for Dalston Lane!

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