Thursday 19 October 2006

OPEN issue fresh Court proceedings. Secretary of State's planning intervention.

Letter to OPEN from Hackney Council's Borough Solicitor and Monitering Officer, Legal and Democratic Services
"The Council's Head of Planning met with members of Hackney Management Team/Cabinet yesterday. They remain committed to the expeditious demolition of the existing buildings on the site... The Council are unable to agree to any further delay in the demolition and will proceed in this regard as soon as is practical"
17th October 2006

In view of this letter OPEN has issued fresh Court proceedings to challenge the planning permission granted to the London Development Agency on 4th September to demolish Dalston Theatre and the Georgian houses and redevelop the site with towerblocks. In the proceedings OPEN has informed the Court of Hackney's stated policies on heritage and regeneration:

The State of Hackney’s Historic Environment
"The Hackney Council is championing the historic environment and using the Borough’s heritage as a key component of economic regeneration... Most buildings in Hackney are not listed but many are of group value and have particular historical associations or are cherished local landmarks. The Council is committed to keeping such buildings wherever possible and views them as an asset for regeneration and for their relevance to diverse local communities” September 2005

OPEN's solicitors have now received a further letter from the Council's Legal and Democratic Services with the following information:
"Hackney Council have been directed by the Secretary of State not to grant planning permission to the LDA without specific authorisation from her whilst she considers an application that the matter be called in "
19th October 2006