Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Dalston Flower Show - it's blooming marvellous!

The Dalston Flower Show,  centered on the award winning Eastern Curve Garden, kicked off three weeks of floral festivities in Dalston last weekend.

It has been been attracting a lot of attention in the national press as well as our local press - being described as "a hub of Chelsea Fringe activity" and a "hipsters Eden" (Do hipsters mulch? Ed.).

photo © Exyzt

The old Eastern Curve railway line was first re-opened as a public space when the Dalston Mill was built in July 2009. Since that time, after a lot of hard work and community involvement, the garden was created and it has become a destination for the thousands who have attended the huge variety of events there over the last two years.

View of the Dalston Eastern Curve Garden - Susannah Ireland

"We hope that this place will be a revelation to people," said Marie Murray, an OPEN Dalston member who tends the Eastern Curve Garden. "The No 1 reason for this garden was to be a breathing space which would allow children and adults to connect with nature. Tending a public garden teaches independence and civic pride – it is amazing the effect it has on people."

photo © Amina Marshall, an image of a flower growing in Dalston, submitted as part of the Dalston Flower Show.

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