Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Look out Dalston! More demolitions coming with TfL's Crossrail2

TfL has announced plans for public consultation on the development of the Dalston Junction /Dalston Kingsland section of Crossrail2 - a new underground line budgetted at £28Bn. Construction is hoped to start in 2020 with lines running by 2030. TfL's has identified five Dalston sites, marked A-E on the map below, where there will potentially be considerable impact, including demolition and redevelopment of buildings, even streets.

The area shaded purple is the proposed underground platform with the new aboveground ticket offices at each end marked with a red triangle. The sites marked are on both sides of Kingsland ( east & west)  and are all said to be required for Crossrail2 construction. TfL suggest that redevelopment of those and adjoining sites could contribute to the cost of the Crossrail2 development (What? More unaffordable TfL flats? Ed.)

The Nat West bank building and its neighbours on Kingsland High Street  are within Site C and, across the road,  all the shops and homes on the south side of Bradbury Street are within Site B.

 South of Dalston Junction 574-586 Kingsland Road  and. across the road, an 1860 terrace of houses and all of Bentley Street south side are at risk of demolition.

For a more detailed analysis  of Crossrail2 impact on Dalston click here

Dalston's previous experience of TfL's consultation regarding the East London Line development did not inspire confidence, as you can read about here and here. It could all have been so much better.

TfL's Crossrail2 consultation will close on 8th January 2016 . Over the next 2 months, we will publish further information to help inform your response to TfL's plans. So watch this space and post comments on this blog.

Contact if you would like to join our team which is already examining and preparing a community response to TfLs  plans.

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