Saturday, 20 July 2013

"It's not silencing the public because they didn't have a voice anyway."

A developer with plans for a 19-storey tower block on Kingsland High Street had  30 minutes of exclusive access to Hackney's Planning Committee last Wednesday. The public were invited but banned from speaking. When asked why the public must remain silent, Hackney Council's Press Statement to the Gazette,  said "It's not silencing the public because they didn't have a voice anyway". 
When will the Planning Committee allow members of the public 30 minutes, at a formative stage, to ask questions, provide information and give opinions to the Committee about the developer's plans


  1. I saw builders unscrewing hoarding infront of the ruined houses on Dalston lane this morning. Is this the same as the picture above?

  2. The buildings in the photo stood on Dalston Lane and were the first of nine sites to burn down locally, mainly arson. The Council later demolished these houses and has sold a long lease of the remaining terrace to a developer, Murphys, on the back of plannning permission which is soon to issue .


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