Friday 21 June 2013

Speak up before its too late! Plans for a Gated Community in Dalston are up for decision.

This is your last chance to comment on plans to build a gated community on Dalston's Western Curve. The Transport for London/Taylor Wimpey plan is expected to be decided by the Hackney Plannning Committee on Wednesday 3rd July. You can read OPEN Dalston's objections here. You can see the TfL planning application documents here.
We urge you to let Hackney know you views here.


TfL describes their designs as "sculptural" which "respond" to Dalston. We describe them as bland, overscale, undistinguished and which create a ‘sense of anyplace’ and of ‘out of place’ - NOT a sense of Dalston 

Some Basic Facts:

-  The two sites, northern and southern, front Kingsland High Street in Dalston above TfLs Western Curve rail link from Dalston to Canonbury.
-  All of TfL's public land will be privatised by enclosure within the sites, with no open or green space accessible there to the public- . Dalston is one of the most densely populated wards, and one of the most deficient in green space, in London.
-   Of 106 'units' to be built on the two sites there will only be 9 flats for social rent.  There are some 9,000 overcrowded families with children living in Hackney.
-   The developers are trying to maximise their returns by overscale buildings - at the permanent expense of our local environment. The buildings exceed the heights prescribed by the government approved Dalston Area Action Plan. The new blocks will loom over the surrounding buildings.
-  TfL will be providing no play space for children living in the new development  or locally.
-  TfL's own consultant's report states that the design of the northern block is such that overshadowing will be "Substantially Adverse" for listed and locally listed buildings.
-  The southern block will enclose Ashwin Street and conceal views of the recently restored Reeves and Son building and the Shiloh Church.
- Ashwin Street will become a "shared space" for pedestrians and HGV delivery vehicles ( to do three point turns). The pavement cafe will be overshadowed. 
- Hackney has contributed over £1million to strenthen the tunnels to support taller buildings. Hackney and TfL have both ignored OPEN's Freedom of Information requests for details of their deal.

TfL claims the designs " the ambitions of the community". ( Do you agree? Let Hackney know. Ed.)

Let Hackney know you views. Do it NOW here.

( PS TfL have cancelled two meetings with OPEN to discuss our alternative scheme for green routes through Dalston. We are losing confidence that TfL and Taylor Wimpey are interested in anyone's views except Mammon. Ed.)

TfL have a history - look at The Slab and Dalston Square.


  1. Another drab design concept and attempt to get as many people as possible into a space that the community will not benefit from yet again.

  2. Don't quite agree with the 'gated community' argument, but the development sure is ugly as sin. The architects were clearly not inspired by buildings like the Railway Tavern (which, incidentally, needs saving itself as it is slowly crumbling away...)

    1. TfL's development will enclose public land entirely within a development of almost exclusively unaffordable flats from which the public are excluded and it will make no provision for any publiic green or open space amenities at all."Gated community" has no strict definiton but seems fitting in this case. The developers seem to have taken their inspiration only from Mammon.


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