Friday, 15 March 2013

Hackney's plastics legacy

Hackney's Lea valley industries were innovative. They discovered and manufactured plastics.The exploitation of this scientific legacy has had a global reach.

"Midway" - a film by Chris Jordan

Just recently a sperm whale died on a Spanish beach with 17kg of plastic in its stomach.

Photo of the River Lea - by the  2012 Olympic Site

"I remember that a wise friend of mine did usually say, 'That which is everybody's business is nobody's business.' "  Izaak Walton, Piscator, who fished the Lea in the 17th Century.  

In other words, it's everyones' problem but noone's responsibility.


JLT comments below that you can find out about solutions here:


  1. Yet another cheerful posting by Open Dalston.
    I must say you really do seem to enjoy wallowing in negativity. Can't you find anything positive to post on here?
    I have been reading the Dalston blogs and websites for a few years now, but this one is just so depressing.
    You are fast becoming Dalston's version of the Daily Mail!

    1. It must be lovely living in your rose tinted world. You are the envy of us all.

  2. Thanks for that 'positive' comment Anon - you obviously like to lead by example. Environmental pollution by plastics is a curse - we hope that by pointing it out people will seek positive solutions. See for example the link to the Thames21 site

  3. Thank you for highlighting this problem, which exists not only on the other side of the planet but in our own back garden too i.e. the River Lea. Sadly there will always be people, such as Anonymous, who prefer to stick their head in the sand and say it's not their problem. Your blog posting reminds us: "Let it begin with me!"

  4. Perhaps the following is the World's first realistic Ocean Cleanup Concept for plastic. Help determine its feasibility.


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