Tuesday 19 February 2013

Linking Dalston's green spaces

On 11 February OPEN Dalston attended a meeting with the GLA's  Deputy Mayor for Transport and senior commercial  development officers of Transport for London. At the meeting we presented some alternative proposals to the Western Curve gated community for which TfL had applied to Hackney for planning permission (and which it has since withdrawn). You can read a summary of one of our proposals, "Linking Dalston's green spaces".

TfL, and its development partners Taylor Wimpey, had come to Dalston with a "pre-formed" plan and it responded to public consultation with cosmetic changes only. Our objections to TfL's plan are not confined to the lack of green spaces and improvements to 'public realm'. We also consider that the scheme's exclusive 'gated community', the lack of adequate affordable and family housing, and the damage to local heritage and character require changes.

This drawing illustrates the potential for a green route through Dalston town centre with little impact on TfLs current development proposals

In our "Linking Dalston's green spaces" presentation you will find an analysis of Dalston's development context, a detailed evidence base, our objections to TfLs scheme and some innovative ideas for greening over TfL's Overground railway tunnels.

TfL have agreed to consider and evaluate our proposals and a further meeting with them is being arranged.

We invite you to comment on "Linking Dalston's green spaces" on this blog or by sending an email to

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