Thursday, 2 November 2006

Dalston Theatre occupiers evicted

At 5.30am today police used ropes and ladders to scale Dalston Theatre and gain entry to the buildings occupied by protesters who have been resisting the demolition of Dalston's heritage buildings since February

The protestors were shown eviction paperwork issued in the Court following possession proceedings last March

Fortunately no blood was spilt but the protestors were soon on the street and the Council are then reported to have broken all the ground floor windows before sealing up the building.

Despite the Secretary of State's recent direction that the Council must not issue the planning permission to the London Development Agency to demolish the buildings, the Council has stated that it is now free to proceed with the demolitions. OPEN has warned the Council that, if it trys to predetermine the Secretary of State's investigation in this way, a further application to the High Court will be made for an injunction.

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  1. I don't think they brought anything to the area at all. They turned the front of the building into a complete eyesore, and with their bizarre weekly drumming workouts they managed to piss off an entire community graced with an unusual tolerance to wayward behaviour, and it has to be said, a greater degree of natural rhythm. The building would have sold itself, were it not for the laughable efforts of these clownish ambassadors - Stevie Wonder and Bob Marley played there, for fuck's sake! Was anything made of it? There was a wide archway on one side of the building, dating back from the time of the North London Coliseum. It was built for elephants! Elephants, for the love of God! Good for nothing, crusty wastrels - you give protest a bad name.


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