Thursday, 23 February 2006

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  1. Save the 4 Aces!

    (mostly nicks from your piece :) but contains some history on the club)

    "Formerly Dalston Theatre, which housed a circus and even elephants in Victorian times the building became a cinema in the 20's and then a nightclub in the 60's when it played host to a variety of international reggae stars throughout the 70's and early 80's.

    At the end of the decade the club changed direction and picked up on the emerging rave movement, playing host to the now legendary 'Club Labyrinth' events."

  2. Save Labyrinth!!! 4 Aces holds sooo many brilliant memories it may be rundown now but thats thanks to Hackney Borough Council and they should have used the space to do something good for the youths in the area like they were oringinally going to!! Personally they should do up the 4 Aces and save this historic piece of architecture, many people have fond memories of meeting some of thier best friends at Labyrinth and the best atmosphere a club ever had!! SAVE LABYRINTH!!!!

  3. I argree with MinXxy i have had some wicked nights at the 4 aces,
    and also it was were a saw a lot of top name dj`s, Billy Bunter for one owes a lot of his sucsess and start in the dj game due to this great venue!

  4. Looking through my 1968 diary I came across a gig I did at the 4 Aces on Sat. 30th March 1968. I was playing drums with a band called The Healers. We may have backed The Ethopians there. I know we played The Ram Jam Club in Brixton with them. Dino Coccia/The Barcodes. Latest cd has a track titled Back at the 4 Aces


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