Monday, 19 December 2005

OPEN's Campaign in Dalston

Over the next few years people who live or work in the Dalston area will be affected by changes to our surroundings which will have a profound impact for decades to come. You can help ensure that these changes reflect your needs and aspirations.

Much of the property surrounding Dalston Junction has changed hands in the recent past, and more is about to. Many of the historic buildings and businesses which give the area its special character are now under immediate threat. There have been numerous planning applications for demolition and re-development. Some have been rejected while others have been granted and building work is proceeding. Several sites have been left derelict and apparently abandoned and six major fires have contributed to an atmosphere of terminal neglect.

At the request of local people we have formed OPEN (Organisation for Promotion of Environmental Needs Limited). It is a not-for-profit company that acts as a forum to exchange views and information. It voices and acts on the concerns of residents and businesses to positively shape the future of the area.

The main aims of OPEN are:

• to inform local residents and businesses about all major development proposals and ensure that their views and needs are properly considered

• to ensure that any proposed changes to Dalston’s environment protect the need for a sustainable local residential and business community

• to promote excellence in the quality of existing and proposed buildings, public transport facilities and other amenities.

At the moment OPEN's Dalston Campaign has three urgent aims:

• We want to stop the imminent demolition by Hackney Council of the historic buildings at 4-14 Dalston Lane, including the Dalston Theatre (also known as The Four Aces). OPEN is campaigning for public consultation on ways to incorporate these buildings into any new developments. We also aim to ensure that the Council's 'master-plan' for the entire site is of high quality and reflects what local people need and want.

• OPEN welcomes the announcement that the tube extension to Dalston Junction (East London Line Extension) is now guaranteed. We are now campaigning to ensure that the Transport for London (TfL) building development plans on this site meet the needs and aspirations of people who live and work in and around Dalston.

• The Dalston Area Action Plan is currently being prepared by Hackney Council. It will shape all major new building developments and have a massive impact on the environment in Dalston for decades to come. OPEN will continue to ensure that local people are made aware of these plans and that their needs are reflected in any final policy.

If you care about Dalston and share OPEN’s aims, please become an Associate Member of OPEN and participate in the OPEN Dalston campaign.

Email for more details.

Members receive regular news about what is going on with plans for Dalston and can become actively involved through meetings and other events and by contributing to written submissions.

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