Sunday, 9 February 2014

The story of Dalston Terrace - crime and tragedy in one

This is the story of how a row of 16 Georgian houses and its shopkeepers in Dalston Terrace, Hackney, have been neglected and abused by its owners to the point of destruction. It is crime and tragedy in one.

 The Story of Dalston Terrace 1807 -2014 (Video)

The story was told to a packed house at the Rio cinema on Saturday. The audience also watched Emma-Louise Willams' poetic film Under the Cranes and heard discussion, between the poet and broadcaster Michael Rosen and OPEN's founder Bill Parry-Davies, as they tried to understand the language of regeneration - words like "genuine" conservation-led development and unaffordable "affordable" housing.

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We urge everybody to object to the planned demolitions. You can click here to view the planning documents on Hackney's web site, under application reference 2014/0323, and make your views known here to the Council here.

Help the fighting fund by donation to OPEN Dalston, Barclay 20-46-57 Account 33274659

We are now working to obtain a specialist conservation engineer's report to asses how much of the Dalston Terrace can be saved. We will report back with the findings, on this blog and elsewhere.

You can get involved, and be kept informed, if you sign up to receive information by email and you can follow the latest on Twitter @SaveDalstonLane and @opendalston.


  1. I really enjoyed the film on Saturday, but I found the links between the voices and the scenes a little obscure at times. I'm also a 20 year Hackney resident, but still didn't recognise many of the places on the screen, some indication of where they are would be a help. An outsider would have no chance, and as there wasn't always (to me) an obvious correlation between words and sights the film remained a bit of a mystery.

  2. I was shocked to learn that Hackney had refused to sell to its tenants in 2002 although its Standing Orders required it to give them first refusal ( at market rate obviously). I was even more shocked that, when Hackney sold in 2002, the prospectus for buyers indicated that total demolition was on the cards and that Hackney would use its powers to ensure no Georgian houses would be left behind because they would look "ingongruous". It seems that Hackney it now carrying out those very plans from 2002.


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