Thursday, 6 August 2015

Allpress Coffee Roastery in Dalston Lane - an exemplar of regeneration

After months hiding behind builders hoardings J S Gould's light industrial building, set in the Dalston Lane (West) Conservation Area, has now been revealed. Not as yet another block of private flats but as an exemplar of regeneration. Carefully designed, refurbished and fitted out, the former joinery workshops have been reinvented as the Allpress Espresso Coffee Roastery and Café

"We fell in love with this 1930s building and its history as a joinery where things were made by hand." said the new owner Tony Papas. "The building has great bones and it’s been exciting to bring back the utility of the original design again."

Imported green coffee beans are stored in elegant silos before roasting

The beans are air-roasted in computer controlled conditions.

Roasted beans packed and ready for wholesale distribution

The roasting operations are fully visible from within the building which also has coffee blending and training areas, and large spaces for events and exhibitions.

And then there's the coffee bar and open plan kitchen/restaurant (Tony is a total foodie, so expect something very tasty. Ed.)

"We have a unique use, we are bringing back the building to its original purpose and we have the opportunity for people to come and experience our working process and enjoy the end result. Freshly roasted coffee!"  Tony Papas

And everything is powered from solar voltaic panels mounted on the original saw tooth roof



  1. This looks great and we'll definitely be paying a visit here when we get home.

  2. Dark roast coffee has less caffeine than light roast coffee. If you like low caffeine drink you can drink dark roast coffee.


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