Sunday, 25 January 2015

Dalston Lane "heritage likeness" scheme nominated asTesco World Heritage Site

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Dalston's community held a well attended wake on Saturday at the demolished ruins of No.66 Dalston Lane.

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A moving tribute has been left at the site of the houses which are facing demolition in Phase 2 of the Hackney/Murphy scheme.

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There is a pictorial history planted on the north side of Dalston Lane, opposite the ruins of No 66

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A Save Dalston Lane banner, designed by Tod Hanson, has been left on the site of the remaining six houses which, unless Hackney and Murphy have a change of heart, are to be demolished in Phase 2 of the Hackney/Murphy scheme, probably in 6-9 months time.

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Meanwhile the bricks from the demolished houses are being cleaned, stacked and wrapped...

...and taken off site in their hundreds. These are the same bricks which, Murphy's architect and engineer advised the Council, were at the "end of their life" and so the houses had to be demolished and a new "heritage likenesss" scheme built with new bricks.

Photos @TodCollider 
Meanwhile the Hackney/Murphy "heritage likeness" scheme, which is to replace the Georgian houses on Dalston Lane, has been suggested for "Tesco World Heritage site" status. ( Err...I don't think Tesco would be interested in this site until all the 1807 houses are demolished and the 'open plan' shops have been created. Ed.)


  1. Bricks "at the end of their life" translates as "fill yer boots lads! Quality stock is worth loadsa money!'. I work at Wiltons Music Hall & as part of our conservstion work we are reusing bricks from the 1720's as well as buying in old London Stock. This is just a way for the developers & the bung-loving council to make yet more money.


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