Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Dalston solicitor suffers art attack

Dalston Lane solicitors' firm, Dowse & Co., have sustained an art artack. Graffiti art was painted onto their wall at the weekend. Enquiries with the Council reveal that their policy is to insist that owners of buildings remove grafitti or they send in the Environmental Enforcement Team to remove it and charge for the privilege.   Solicitor Bill Parry-Davies said  "It will cost us several hundred pounds if we have to remove the paint from the brickwork. So, who ever did this, thanks a lot guys! "

Funny how the policy doesn't seem to apply to the Council's own buildings, like these Georgian terraced houses in Dalston Lane Conservation Area which have been ruined by municipal neglect. These houses are part of a "conservation led regeneration programme" . But now they are so far gone that, they say, only the facades  can be saved. The Council has applied to itself  for planning permission to demolish the remainder You can comment on that here. 


  1. "But now they are so far gone that, they say, only the facades can be saved."
    Given the dire state they're in I reckon they'd be lucky if only a tiny percentage of these facades can "be saved". More likely demolished and a near replica built in their place. It does run the risk of looking rather Disney;
    Still, it'll be good to see this site come back into use after so many years.

    1. 'they are so far gone' yeah , they stopped the shop keepers at the time from doing any maintenance and NOW it is too far gone to save the building properly and in full...THEIR mistake...who pays to make it right?? They enforce things on us like that graffiti example and do not apply their own rules to themselves it is astonishing to see...including 'empty dwelling' laws. Melodie

  2. I hope you can make them clean up their own graffiti first, especially 48-58 Dalston Lane....which has been there for me to see every day for years!!!


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