Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Mammon's In My Back Yard #mimby

Dr Simon Thurley, head of English Heritage, has criticised placing high rise buildings in inapproriate settings - using as an example a development planned in his home town of King's Lynn, Norfolk . "The Council is frightened by developers" he said "development is money".
But our own Hackney Council said it is the champion of our heritage. So it wouldn't be frightened and feel bullied into letting developers get their own way. Would it?

The Worship of Mammon 1909 by Evelyn de Morgan
“mammon”: (noun) possibly of Aramaic origin, meaning riches. First personified in English as the false god of wealth, avarice and injustice in the mediaeval poem Piers Plowman and later as the fallen angel, Lucifer, in Milton's Paradise Lost.
“mammonistic”: (adjective) consumed by the desire for wealth at the expense of beauty, creativity and the human soul.
"mammonists" : (secretive) the dark forces, including Philistines, pursuing material gain by the obliteration of heritage, identity, culture and sunlight in the name of regeneration, best value, necessity and progress.